The workshop welcomes contributions from different areas of science and engineering dealing with the following topics:

Applied Probability
Bayesian Methods
Bridges, Buildings and Industrial Facilities
Computational Methods
Damage Analysis and Assessment
Deterioration Modelling
Earthquake Engineering
Fatigue and Fracture
Flood Analysis
Geographical Information Systems Based Risk Analysis
Geotechnical Engineering
Hazards Analysis
Human Factors
Life Cycle Performance Analysis
Lifeline Risk Assessment
Loads and Load Combinations
Optimization under Uncertainty
Performance-Based Engineering
Probabilistic Materials Analysis
Probabilistic Risk Analysis
Probability and Statistics (theory and applications)
Probabilistic aspects in Assessment and Design, Costs, Maintenance and Rehabilitation, Integrated Planning.
Reliability-Based Design and Regulations
Risk Analysis
Risk Perception
Simulation Methods
Social Science and Urban Planning
Stochastic Computational Mechanics
Stochastic Processes and Fields (theory and applications)
System Identification
System Reliability
Reliability of Transportation Systems
Uncertainty Quantification in Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Material, Petroleum, and Energy Systems.