Short Bio

Professor Mark Stewart is Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of the Centre for Infrastructure Performance and Reliability at The University of Newcastle in Australia.

He is the co-author of Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Engineering System, Terror, Security, and Money: Balancing the Risks, Benefits, and Costs of Homeland Security; Chasing Ghosts: The Policing of Terrorism; Are We Safe Enough? Measuring and Assessing Aviation Security; Climate Adaptation Engineering: Risks and Economics for Infrastructure Decision-making, as well as more than 400 technical papers and reports. He has 30 years of experience in probabilistic risk and vulnerability assessment of infrastructure and security systems that are subject to man-made and natural hazards.

Professor Stewart has received ongoing Australian Research Council support to develop probabilistic risk-modelling techniques for infrastructure subject to military and terrorist explosive blasts and cost-benefit assessments of counter-terrorism protective measures for critical infrastructure. Professor Stewart is the Chief Investigator of collaborative explosives field testing and ballistics performance programs between The University of Newcastle and the Australian Defence Force. Mark also recently led a consortium of five universities in Australia for the $3.5 million CSIRO Flagship Cluster Fund project Climate Adaptation Engineering for Extreme Events (CAEx).